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Writing daily really isn’t that hard. Writing quality daily is. Also there are different rules for just about each site I write for. I have a notebook with “cheat sheets” to remember who wants what in what style. I do write daily, I journal, I research, I do a lot of things, however this year I did not keep up one blog. So this year I am going to work hard on not over thinking things. I am simply going to sit down and write. If I write long enough something is bound to be a keeper. 

My time management skills have been lacking. I took a free 3 day workshop with creativeLive with Mike Vardy that was game changing. If you have not had the opportunity to check him out, make the time. There was so much information in that workshop that I am still working on it and I missed a day. Luckily they offer the workshop for a pretty reasonable price. This is one I will be getting. 

In 2013 I learned so much about freelancing, about writing, and about creativity. I feel prepared to put what I learned into action this year. I have a lot of projects planned. I am sure I won’t complete them but that is okay, I will have 2015 to catch up. This year I am blogging and writing each and every day. That is my number one goal, my one thing. I have other things I will be working on, learning about, and hopefully just being a better me, but first and foremost, I will be writing. 

I have several books that I have basically planned out that I need to sit down and write. That is what this year will be about. Lots of writing. I do not need to be a best seller, although I wouldn’t mind it, but I do want to put something out there that others can use to have a better day, learn something new, or think in a brand new way. That is what is important to me…and I need to pay the bills while doing it. 

I am a quote kind of gal. Love them. I have them as wallpaper over my desk. The two I am standing on right now to help me prepare for the upcoming year is “A good plan vigorously executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”,  George S. Patton and “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”,  Walt Disney. I plan, I plan until I can’t plan anymore then I pick up something else to plan. So this year is my year to stop planning. I have enough plans that I can work all year and not finish all my plans, but I am going to give it a try. 

 So if you have an tips on staying focused and letting your writing flow, leave me a comment below.  



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aspire: verb; to long, aim, seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirious, esp. for something great or of high value.

This is exactly how I feel about writing so I am going with that. I want to be a self-employed writer. So I am going to call myself an aspiring author. I think that feels great sitting on my tongue and I believe that it is worth aspiring to.

I made this statement a couple of years ago and have not gone where I need to go. I have written quite a few things. I have researched even more. I know that to make it you have to work hard. Life has shown me that with absolute certainty. I am excited as this year begins. I am buzzing with excitement to put away all that I went through last year. I am a bit anxious as well because I was pretty excited when last year began as well.

I have a few New Year’s Resolutions. Some not all have to do with writing. Most if not all have to do with finishing what I start and not taking no for an answer. I am going to do the things that matter to me this year. I have turned another year older and have not gotten any closer to my dreams of being published. Ok well I have gotten closer. I have been learning a lot about the writing industry. I am going to conferences for the first time this year. I am going to be entering into some contests. Not necessarily for the prizes, although that would be great, but for the experience of submitting work. I obviously need the additional push because I have never submitted any of my work to anyone.

One of my first and foremost resolutions is that I am going to write and post. I have a couple of blogs that have been neglected for some time now. It’s time to clean house. I want to find a voice and I have several outlets to work on that and I am throwing that opportunity out every time I do not post. So this year I am going to write, post and repeat.  I know that with practice I will get better.

I hope that you will join me on my, I am sure to be amusing, journey. Life tends to throw some curves when you are trying to make a change. I am trying to make many. So come on hop on board and if you are a writer and have any tips for an aspiring author….hit me with them.